Hardwick Green Primary Academy are part of the Enquire Learning Trust (ELT) – for more information on the Trust’s Governance structure click HERE (including terms of reference, the Trust’s business plan and articles of association and the Scheme of Delegation)

Local Governance

Chair Of Governors – Mrs I Lawson

Vice Chair – Mr P Dale

SEND Governor – Mr P Dale

Safeguarding Governor – Mrs I Lawson

Pupil Premium Governor – Mrs I Lawson

Who are we;

Mrs I Lawson

My first contact with Hardwick Primary School was in September 2004 when I started to take monthly assemblies. I was invited to be a Community Governor and agreed in July 2006. I have been Vice Chair and am now Chair of Governors.

In my capacity as an Officer in Charge in the Boys’ Brigade, I have worked with boys from the age of 6 to 11 Years. Throughout all that time (almost 30 years) I have aimed to inspire them to strive to be the best that they could be. Over the past few months, I along with some of my friends have come into school one afternoon per week to hear pupils read. I also assist on school trips to help with the pupils.

Over these many years, I have attended training courses to improve my knowledge of the requirements of the school and how I can benefit the school more.

At one stage of my working life, I was a middle manager in a Training Company whose aim was to train unemployed adults with the skills they needed to enter the workforce.

I am a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (Chartered MCIPD).

Mr P Dale

Community Governor

I am a retired Police Officer with many years of management experience and leadership in a busy environment, which I hope that I can use to help our school provide the best education possible for your children.I have a passionate belief in children as our future and, having been educated in a similar school in Hartlepool at their age, I know the advantages that a good education can bring. As a Governor, I support the Academy system and I believe the Academy management and staff of Hardwick Green Academy are doing their best to facilitate the most up to date and effective systems of teaching that are available. This is something I believe in, and I will do my best to ensure the delivery of a first class teaching model to your children.

Mr T Squires

Hi There,

Here’s a brief summary of my time supporting children’s education at Hardwick Primary.

I got involved with the school about twelve years ago, initially by enrolling in adult education courses that the school were providing. Then in response to requests by the school I volunteered myself as a parent helper. It was one of the best moves I ever made. After a while I was invited to stand for parent governor, a role that really got me involved in school issues and understanding there’s more to running a school than what you think. About four years ago I became Vice Chair, and then when the opportunity came to be Chair of governors I considered that I now had enough experience and qualification to take on the responsibility of being chairman. I recently stepped down from the role of chair but still serve a Governor.

Mrs A Gee

Staff Governor/Vice Principal

I have worked at Hardwick Green Primary Academy since the start of my teaching career in 2004. I joined the school, on the old site, Hardwick Primary, as a Newly Qualified Teacher and started off teaching Y3. I had previously studied at the University of Durham as an Undergraduate  achieving a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography. After graduating, I followed in my Mum’s footsteps and decided I wanted to train to teach. I opted for a PGCE and am trained to teach primary (3-11 year olds).

My career at Hardwick has been varied, teaching a variety of year groups but my passion lies in the Early Years. I was given the opportunity to lead this area and I have absolutely loved the journey of development with all the children, families and members of staff who have worked in EYFS over the last 8 years. I became a staff governor in 2005, very early in my career and thoroughly enjoy this part of my role at Hardwick Green.

I am also part of the Leadership Team, with my current role as ‘Vice Principal’ as well as ‘Principal Leader of Learning’ which I am thoroughly enjoying. I have a keen interest in Assessment for Learning, supporting personalised learning to ensure all children make good progress and utilising new ideas and technologies to transform learning into magical, engaging and meaningful experiences.

I grew up in Middlesbrough, where my family still live. However, I live in Gateshead and have recently returned to school after having a baby girl. Becoming a hard working mother is my current learning adventure! In my spare time, I enjoy reading, going on holiday, eating out, swimming, walking and going to gigs.

Ray Stephenson

The following is a condensed history of the schools in the Hardwick & Bishopsgarth Estates I have been associated with for the period 1971 to 2008:

  • 1971-1973 –  Hardwick Secondary Modern for Girls / Hardwick Secondary Modern for Boys
  • September 1973 –  Sheraton Comprehensive
  • April 1974  – Hardwick Juniors, Hardwick Infants,  Harrowgate Junior, Harrogate Infants
  • Governor Bishopsgarth School
  • 1986  – Harrowgate School amalgamated
  • 1987  – Primrose Hill School & Rievaula Day School amalgamated and moved to Hardwick (Sheraton site)  In 1991 it became Abbey Hill School and Mr Stephenson was appointed by the Health Authority.
  • 1989 – Hardwick School amalgamated
  • 2006  – Hardwick Green Primary School
  • 2008  – Governor / Chairperson – Bishopsgarth Comprehensive School
  • From 2008 to the present time, my activities have been limited to two establishments.


John Galt

Community Governor

I have been teaching in primary education since graduating from Durham University in 2006, achieving a BSc (Hons) in Primary Education. I joined Tilery Primary in Stockton as an NQT teaching Year 4 and Year 1, and came to Harrow Gate Primary in 2009. While at Harrow Gate I have taught within Key Stage 2, having spent most of my time in Upper Team (Year 5 and 6).
I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges of leading subjects over the last few years, having been reading lead for 5 years and presently I am Maths lead. There have been some exciting changes in teaching and learning in these subjects which I have had the privilege to have been part of. I have a key interest in lesson design and ensuring that all children are challenged at all levels, and in conjunction with training in school leadership and playing an active role in our school, this has enabled me to be an effective Leader of Learning. Having built a relationship with the staff of Hardwick over the years, I was honoured to be asked to become a Governor at Hardwick Primary in 2018.
I grew up in Darlington where my family still live but have lived in Eaglescliffe for the last 9 years. Most of my free time is taken up at the moment walking the dog, helping my son to pass his driving test and whispering words of encouragement to my daughter currently preparing for her A Levels


Mr Darren Holmes

ELT – Executive Director

Darren leads the development of the Enquire Learning Trust. In this capacity works with leaders, teachers, local governors and other professionals to enhance leadership,  develop teaching and learning, facilitate improvement, foster transformation and generate quality outcomes for young people. Developing effective approaches to collaboration lies at the heart of Darren’s leadership and the work of the Trust.

Darren is an experienced leader, coach and facilitator. His specialism is in developing practice, provision and opportunity through reflection on action, enquiry based learning and powerful communities of practice. He has written on a range of leadership issues for journals and national publications and has presented at national and international research conventions. He is an experienced designer of professional development and has a passion for unlocking the potential of others.

Darren has made a key contribution to work at regional and national level through the National College, DfE and TDA. His previous experience includes more than 20 years as a teacher, school leader and senior local authority officer. He has worked as a researcher and facilitator for the National College. Together with Ronnie Woods he co-created Enquire in 2006.

Darren is a Yorkshire emigre living in the North East. He is married to Suzanne and they have three fantastic children who provide a crucial perspective on learning.  In his spare time he reads widely, tends a wildlife garden, walks a dog, plays football and picks a mean guitar!

Mr P Kennedy -Director of Finance ELT

Paul Kennedy currently lives in Wakefield and has worked within the field of Local Government accountancy since 1984.  During this period he worked on many different facets of local government finance, headed up the finance team of a council department and provided advice and support on the financial arrangements for European Funded revenue and capital projects across Barnsley and Wakefield.

For the last 14 years Paul has been employed as a Business Director, forming part of the senior leadership team of a large secondary school in Barnsley.  During this tenure he initiated and implemented numerous school based business development projects, attracted revenue and capital grant funding for the development of a number of small, medium and large scale projects,  and had strategic responsibility for all school based support, resources and delegated functions. Over the last couple of years Paul worked as part of a team which had responsibility for merging two large secondary schools in Barnsley to form one 2000+ pupil Advanced Learning Centre.  This work also involved overseeing the closure of a secondary school and ensuring the smooth transition of staff, systems and resources to a new school.

Register of Local Governing Body Interests

Governor Attendance

Governor Attendance