At Hardwick Green Primary Academy, we take a proactive approach towards school attendance – we want everyone to achieve their full potential! We reward good attendance half-termly whilst monitoring the signs of poor attendance to prevent any child falling behind. We believe in identifying triggers early on so that we can encourage families/children to become more engaged with improving their attendance - We have a specialist ‘Safeguarding Officer’ and an ‘Education Welfare Officer’ that work relentlessly to get our children into school – we understand the importance of developing strong links with the community of Hardwick… attendance is a team effort between school and home!

If a child’s lateness or poor attendance is begins to increase, we may call home, send out a letter or conduct a house visit – we will do our best to contact parents/carers and offer our support. We aim to prevent any child from become a persistent absentee. If a child becomes a ‘Persistent Absentee’, we work closely with the Local Authority and our attendance officer Anne-Marie Cartwright to address this and may eventually seek court action – parents/carers have a legal duty to make sure their children attend school.

At Hardwick Academy, families are made aware of the importance of having high attendance at school –  educational research clearly evidences that there is a link poor school attendance and future job prospects. For more information on our approach to attendance, please read our attendance policy, which can be found on the policies page here.


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Attendance is a team effort - this document demonstrates our vision for working together to ensure our school achieves good attendance
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This diagram shows you what good attendance looks like - and the impact of missed days.
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Absences can be authorised or unauthorised - this document provides guidance on what we are allowed to authorise or unauthorise when your child does not attend school.
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If your child is always late, they miss valuable learning time - this document shows the negative impact of lateness on your child's education.
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We strongly discourage taking holidays during school term time - this document explains the legal implications from the Local Authority should you choose to do so.
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There will be some occasions when your child is sick and can't attend school - this document provides you with the official guidance for sickness/medical related absences to minimise any further spread of infection.
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If your child is poorly, look at this guide so you know how to inform school and when they can return to school.