Welcome to our Nursery Page!

Teacher: Mrs Scott

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hugill

Here you can find lots of information about our wonderful Nursery for 3-4 year old's.

Nursery Long Term Plans and Knowledge Organisers

Updated: 04/10/2022 44 KB
This is the long term plan for Nursery which covers our themes, potential experiences, Power of Reading books, Understanding of the World skills and maths skills. Bear in mind that there is a huge amount of child-led learning and other experiences which help children to develop in the seven areas of learning.
Updated: 14/08/2019 64 Bytes
This knowledge organiser explains the key vocabulary, key skills and key knowledge that the children will learn and develop in Autumn 1.

Nursery Information and Application Forms

Updated: 15/05/2023 101.69 MB
This document provides lots of information about our 3-4 year old Nursery.
Updated: 04/10/2022 125 KB
You can download this application form and return it once completed to the school office.

Nursery Admissions Policy

Updated: 02/11/2021 211 KB
Details on how to get your child a place in our Nursery (either the two-year-old room or three/four-year-old room).